editor finds session successful

In the "We Tried It' section of the Sept 7, 2017 issue of, editor Alex Heigl reports on his experience working through a past life memory with Ann.  He does a nice job reporting on the theory and technique of past life therapy, and then launches into his own analysis/rationalizations of where the memories may have come from.  In the end, he summarizes as follows:

The Verdict: A person I interviewed prior to my session summed things up far better than I could: “I don’t know or care whether these are actual lifetimes my soul had. That’s beside the point. The narratives and issues I saw mirrored to me issues that I was grappling with, and gave me different perspectives on my own ingrained patterns about those issues.” [Emphasis mine.]

We can debate the metaphysics of past-life regression until we’re all blue in the face, but the point is that it’s a form of therapy regardless, albeit a nontraditional one. If you’re able to uncover, deal with, and feel better about issues you’re facing via past-life regression, then it’s a success, and probably a more fun one than your usual therapy session.

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Ann Barham LMFT2 Comments