Thrillist editor runs a little creative in his reporting

The rest of the articles from my July media tour in New York have been coming in.  On Sept 5 editor posted his article linked below.  It's worth a read, but with a bit of a grain of salt especially when he describes the relaxation procedure.  Actually it made me chuckle a bit.  He reports being led down a staircase 4 times (only once in reality) and my instructing him to see a number on an egg (that's an interesting one, I use pebbles - an egg could be fun).  And although many of these young NY editors seem to think they need to profess their skepticism (maybe that's a NYC thing) at the time of the session he was pretty impacted by the work we did.  Enjoy the read...

I Visited a Past-Life Therapist and It Literally Changed My (Current) Life

Ann Barham LMFTComment