These brief case histories are provided with the express permission of the individual involved. All names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. See Ann's book, "The Past Life Perspective" for detailed recounting of actual clients' experiences with their past life sessions.

Building Self-Confidence 

Connie was facing the repeat of an important and difficult professional licensing exam with considerable anxiety and doubt in her ability to demonstrate her knowledge and competence. She came to me looking for a past-life experience that could bolster her confidence. She uncovered a lifetime as a successful author and poet, a time where she felt self-assured, successful and highly recognized by others for her talents and abilities. Connie was able to bring this experience forward, bolster her confidence in her current professional abilities, and subsequently enjoyed and passed her licensing exam.

Keeping Women at a Distance

Although married, Roger had always kept women at a distance. His wife, in fact, was living in their native country while he worked in the United States, with no plans for her to join him. Wishing to explore this tendency, which kept him "safe" but caused quite a bit of loneliness, Roger suspected a past-life link. We discovered a lifetime in India where he met a senseless, untimely death by being mistaken for someone who had committed a crime. A woman whom he had hoped would help him evade his pursuers was instead instrumental in his capture. Unable to speak the language of his captors and thus vindicate himself, he met his death resolving "I will never trust women again!" Uncovering this experience prompted Roger to reexamine his family situation and move toward reuniting with his wife.

Employer’s Emotional Dependence 


Protect Your Belly!


Happiness Won’t Last

Patricia had recently quit her job with a small, family run business where the boss overburdened her with his personal problems and depended upon her to save the business he was running into the ground. She came to me seeking relief from her ongoing nightmares about the family and the sense of responsibility and attachment she couldn’t shake. In regression, Patricia discovered a former life together in Italy, where her employer experienced similar personal and business problems as her adult son. As his mother, she tried vainly to intervene in his affairs and save him from himself, but he ultimately committed suicide. Patricia recalled the mother’s enormous grief and guilt at not being able to stop him from his path of self-destruction. By reprocessing this experience, Patricia was able to release her sense of responsibility and obligation to her employer. Her nightmares stopped and she moved forward into a new job.


More for fun and curiosity, Edward consulted me to explore an unusual sleep habit. As long as he could remember, he could not sleep lying on his back, feeling very uncomfortable with his stomach exposed. Edward regressed to a lifetime as a young Iroquois woman, killed in her sleep by a tomahawk blow to the stomach, the result of a jealous love triangle situation. Edward was very startled to find himself experiencing a female lifetime. However, it is typical for people to change gender back and forth across the ages. Since the regression, Edward reports that he is able to fall asleep on his back, although he still prefers to sleep on his side (having done so for most of his life). 


Abigail came to me wanting to explore past connections with a new boyfriend. She was feeling particularly challenged in the relationship with the feeling that he would one day just "up and disappear on her." We discovered a lifetime in Boston in the late 1800s, where the two of them were a fashionable, affluent, and very happily married couple. Unfortunately, the husband died suddenly in an accident, and Abigail lived the remainder of that life feeling alone and abandoned by him. This helped greatly in putting the fears of abandonment to rest, and the relationship was able to move to a deeper level.

These are just a few examples of the type of links that can be found between current life issues and past-life experiences. Hopefully they help to demonstrate the wide range of issues that may be addressed in past-life therapy. Although in these cases, many persons discovered lifetimes where they were the same gender as the current life, it is not unusual to regress to lifetimes of the opposite gender -- as well as different race, religion, and geographic location. It is also common to "trade places" with significant individuals over lifetimes --- this life’s husband may be a prior lifetime’s parent; a close friend now may appear as a child or other family member in a prior lifetime. We are truly connected with the people in our lives, and all people of the Earth, in ways beyond our conscious understanding.  My book shares a number of actual regression stories in much more detail.