Websites of Interest

Journal of RegressionTherapy

Articles from prominent regression therapists across the world; you can browse abstracts and then order an article of interest


The IBRT has a rigorous certification process for practitioners of past life regression therapy.

Transpersonal Consultation Group

Dr. Scolastico was a gifted channeller and frequently brought in past life material in his teachings.  Although he passed away in 2013, his work is being continued through the Transpersonal Consultation Group. 


Past-Life Research

  • Old Souls, by Tom Shroder 

Individual Stories

  • Voyage Into History, William Barnes (story of the designer of the Titanic)
  • A Tribe Returned, Janet Cunningham (a group regresses back to Native American tribe)
  • Looking for Caroll Beckwith, Robert Snow (a police detective in this life finds evidence of his past life)
  • Soul Survivor, Philip Yancey (a young boy recall his life and death as WWII fighter pilot)

Past Life-Therapy

  •  Many Lives, Many Masters, and others by Brian Weiss
  • Living Your Past Lives, Karl Schlotterbeck
  • Other Lives, Other Selves, Roger Woolger (Jungian therapist)


  • Life Between Life, Joel Whitton & Joe Fischer
  • Journey of Souls, and following volumes by Michael Newton

Family Focus

  • Children’s Past Lives, and Return From Heaven, by Carol Bowman

The “Cosmic” Picture

  • The Earth Adventure, Ron Scolastico
  • Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani
  • Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander

And Just For Fun....

And for great fun, follow this link to a very entertaining past life song! 

I Once Was the Hero of Meggido