Revisiting Egypt and Past Life Influences

I had a number of major personal life changes the last half of 2017 (thus no blog postings!) so I knew it was time for a life re-set via a return to Egypt, a land that has powerful energetic influences for me. I also had a vision of bringing a small group of ladies with me who were interested in spirituality and prior lifetimes.

My intuition said the group would include 6 people, but I didn't know who they would be.  Such a great exercise in trusting the divine process.  As I put my idea out there, 4 of us initially committed.  It was a go! Then, at the later stages of planning 2 more ladies decided to join us. I had my 6!

How incredibly rewarding it was for me to see this varied group become 'soul sisters' and immerse themselves in this amazing and ancient country. We paused along the way in our touring (with the world's best Egyptologist and guide) to have some private meditation times at sacred sites. I led a group regression one day as we were floating down the Nile.  Everyone retrieved memories of a prior lifetime in Egypt.

So in 2018, hold onto your visions and make them mainfest!  And include travel in your life, it's a great way to stimulate past life influences.

Ann Barham LMFTComment