We are the Magnificence

A recent client had experienced a productive and informative past life session addressing the question of saying too much or becoming overinvolved in a friend’s life.  But the real golden nugget of the session occurred unexpectedly at the very end.  We were in the final stage where I have the client accessing higher wisdom from the spiritual realms.  I was inspired to ask her if there was any final question that she wanted to pose to her guidance before we wrapped up. 

“Yes, actually, there is,” she commented.  “Just what is the point of all this, anyway?” She clarified that all this was referring to the whole human experience on the planet.  Why do we, as souls, have to do this? Oh, just a minor question.

As she received her answer, her face lit up.  “We don’t have to do this physical life,” she realized and broke into laughter.  “We really want to do it. We are part of the Source, and we bring experiences back to the Source; that’s how the Source experiences all that is.”

She was then astonished to realize that “We (those manifesting as humans) are actually the Glory – the magnificence of God.”  Her realization is consistent with a theme I’ve run across recently: there actually is no higher calling than to attempt to manifest the perfection of the spiritual planes on this very challenging physical stage.  Being human is not for the faint of heart, and we are doing a marvelous thing choosing to face and attempt to master these challenges.

Ann Barham LMFTComment