A Client Follows Up After a Past Life Session

I asked this recent client if she would allow me to post some of her comments about the lasting effects of her past life session on my blog.  She was happy to grant permission.  So here is an excerpt from her email report ...

After the session ..  I carried with me a sense of balance and knowing that I was on the right track for my soul.

The experience with the angel figure [after the death in the prior life] wrapping me in her arms and then showing me floating in the bowl with the universe in it has had the most lasting impact on my life.  When I need guidance or feeling run down the past few months, I pull on her for support.  Seeing her in my session, and feeling her arms around me has given me more of a personal relationship with her. I know that she loves me infinitely.

As the ballerina [one of the lifetimes we visited], I was feeling powerful and connecting with my body in a balanced way.  Since my session that theme ... has been a real focus in my life.  Right after our session I started a new workout regimen that is a combination of ballet and yoga ... I have lost 30 pounds (!!!!!!) since our session [5 months earlier].  I think of that ballerina life EVERY time I am in [a particular ballet] pose.

I just really enjoyed my session so much, and have used some of your regression techniques during my own meditation practice. ..the lives and (spirits?) that I connected with have given me so much strength and love that have impacted all aspects of my life.   

What a wonderful testament to the power of past life therapy and the spiritual work we are able to do as part of this approach.

Ann Barham LMFTComment