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While I was in New York City last month, I met with editors of to do a past life session that was recorded in front of the cameras.  I commend the young woman who was the subject, Madeleine Davies, for having the gumption to jump into this in front of colleagues and eventually the public with her posting, especially because she wanted to work on social anxiety. 

Madeleine, by her own admission, was a skeptic about the whole past life concept.  As is often the case, it didn't prevent her from having a powerful session.  As she reports in her article (link below) she still isn't sure what the memory represented for her, but she does not question its effectiveness.  Interestingly, rather than going into a past life that was the root of the social anxiety, instead she went into a lifetime where the prior personality felt extremely self-confident and loved being in the center of social groups.  It seems that her psyche wanted her to feel the experience of having been completely free of the social anxiety she has experienced in her current life.  It's part of her skill set, she now has a mentor and a model of what it can be like to feel comfortable and part of a social group.

The Jezebel editors do a wonderful job of editing down a 2 hour session into an interesting 4-1/2 minute clip that is part of the artlcle.  Check it out here:

Jezebel Skeptic


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