InStyle Editor Looks into Body Image

One of the reporters I worked with in New York City last month has posted a wonderful article on his experience exploring a prior lifetime. Jonathan Borge of really brings the reader into the room and does a great job of sharing his thoughts and feeling both during and after the session.  He wanted to look into his distorted self-perception regarding his physical appearance (his body image was very critical and unwarranted).  The main message he received had more to do with cherishing all the good things he had in his life, getting over himself regarding the 'perfect body', and to start taking much better care of himself physically.  Click here to read the full story: I Let a Therapist Hypnotize Me to Discover Who I Was in a Past Life

Although Jonathan had never experienced anything like past life therapy before, he was a wonderful young man to work with and connected quite easily with the material.  He has shared with me that he's 'still eating vegetables!'  Read his article for more on that...

Ann Barham LMFTComment