Roots of People Pleasing in a Past Life

A recent client who wanted to explore her penchant to constantly question herself and slip into people pleasing mode went to a very unfortunate past life experience.  As a young married woman in London in the early 1800s, she served as the nanny for a little girl that she was very fond of.  One day while they were walking together in town, the girl playfully darted away from the nanny, and was run over by a carriage and killed.  The nanny was understandably distraught and felt profoundly guilty, even though this was an unpredictable albeit tragic accident. Her feelings were compounded by the girl's parents who angry and unforgiving toward the nanny.   In deep depression and guilt, the young woman took her own life not long thereafter.

We had some very significant processing in the spiritual realm after death.  The connection between that past life experience and the self-doubt and people pleasing now seemed evident.  The client was told by her spiritual guidance that the little girl's death was part of a learning experience about love.  "Love of the moment continues forever," she was told.  "Even one moment of love continues into eternity; it does not end at death."  An important truth for all of us to realize.

To the client's surprise, during the regression she was able to identify the little girl's parents as her current husband and her current sister.   "No wonder I've always felt an underlying thread of anger with each of them somehow," she commented.  We discussed how she could work with them on the spiritual plane to apologize and help dissolve this anger from the past, whether or not she chose to tell them about her regression experience.

Jess Riffle