Prior Personalities Offer Mentoring for Current Life

Asking to see 'whatever is most important for me to see' can be a wonderful approach to a past life regression, and can also bring some helpful surprises.

In a recent session, a client left the session wide open this way and came back with some tremendous assistance for his current life.  He visited two lifetimes, quite different from each other - one, an early Roman legionnaire in charge of many troops, another an Arab teacher or academic.  Although their personalities were quite different from each other, they both approached life with a confident, fearless attitude despite some very challenging circumstances.  

While exploring on the spiritual plane, my client said he really admired these men and that he wanted to be fearless in life like these prior personalities - that in his present life he was always worrying about his family's health and welfare, finances, or unexpected disasters that might come up.  Both prior personalities stepped forward and offered that they were there to mentor him in his current life.  The soldier based his approach on confidence and prowess, the academic on having a plan that could be followed -- and together they offered the client a balanced way to move forward more fearlessly in his current life.

My client left the session feeling like he had some wonderful new resources to draw upon and that with these personalities' help, he could learn to let go of his anxieties about life and be more like these men whom he admired.

Jess Riffle