Effecting Change without Really Trying

I just received a wonderful ‘progress report’ from a client I worked with a few months ago that demonstrates the ease with which powerful changes can occur after past life work.  In her session we traced her current issue of her tendency to ‘run for the hills’ when she felt trapped in an obligation to take care of someone else, to a lifetime as a polio victim who was wheelchair bound and lived a very unhappy and isolated life in her private room.  

 Here’s how she described her feelings before the past life work: “I used to get very anxious and would feel trapped over nothing in particular. I would spend all day at work stressed and working up the nerve to run away, only to go home and realize that I actually really like the people I live with … It was just weird and very contradictory. Friendships were like that too, as soon as there was a sense of them needing me or me having some obligation to care for them, I’d run far, far way. I’d also travel obsessively …Big trips, small trips, whatever the cost. If I didn’t have a trip booked, I would almost panic…It’d keep me up some nights. I almost never spent a weekend at home. I was always going somewhere or doing something.”

 She shared that the past life session has had a very positive effect on her life, without her having to try to change. “Now, it’s completely different but not really with a conscious effort to not do those things on my part. Every part of my life … just feels very relaxed and laid back. I can honestly say I have not felt stressed in the least since our session. It’s like I don’t have a worry in the world. The lack of stress, anxiety or panic, has really done wonders for my marriage too, like it’s had a trickle-down effect…I haven’t fought with [my husband] at all since our session and we have actually had some pretty deep heartfelt conversations which we never seemed to be able to do before on some sensitive topics. It’s really nice.

 “I also stay home on the weekends (still do a day at the beach maybe once a month but it’s not all weekend, every weekend). It was unplanned too. It’s like I just forgot to go to the beach the weekend after our session and it was no big deal. I just lost this compulsion to always be on the move.  I still really enjoy traveling but the “need” to do it is completely gone and has been replaced more with a “would like to” or “want to” do it feeling…

 “It’s really changed everything in ways that weren’t even planned or intentional. I was skeptical too since I had a hard time getting hypnotized and my experience was not really visual …despite all that, I would say it’s had a pretty profound positive impact.”    

Jess Riffle