Past Life Trip to the Circus

Clients continue to amaze and sometimes delight me with the past lives they reveal in session.  One of the more unique lifetimes visited in recent memory is one of a young woman who went to a lifetime in the 1940s as the owner and master of ceremonies of a circus.  The prior personality, a man, loved the circus life and was particularly fond of the circus animals.  However, he finally decided he should 'settle down' and have a family, so he sold the circus. 

Sadly, this man never found fulfillment in family life; he and his wife were unable to have children, and they drifted apart emotionally.  He had money, but no real purpose, and he longed for his days with the circus, falling into a long depression.  My client was able to identify this prior life experience as the root of her depression in the current life.  A very important message of following your bliss and staying true to your passion came through in this session.

Jess Riffle