Shirley MacLaine and Atlantis

Shirley MacLaine, who surprised many people so many years ago with her book Out On A Limb -- in which she 'came out' as believing in past lives -- has a fun new offering for us. Released this month by Atria Books, Above the Line shares Shirley's story of spontaneous past life recall from the ancient civilization of Atlantis while she was filming a movie in the Canary Islands.  Reputedly, many people believe that the Canary Islands are the remnants of that legendary continent.  Shirley draws a number of parallels in the challenges that civilization faced with the challenges facing modern society.

I had the pleasure of attending a smallish gathering while I was in New York last week, where Shirley was interviewed about the book and other aspects of her life.  (Helps to have the same publisher arranging last minute tickets for me!) At 81, Shirley is still a firecracker and didn't put up with any guff from the interviewer.  Naturally many of the audience were more interested in her acting career and her observations on fellow actors of the time.  But those of you who are interesting in prior lifetimes and/or Atlantis might give her latest book a read.  

Jess Riffle