Being a Published Author

I'm writing this blog a little in advance of posting, as I'll actually be in New York City at the Simon & Schuster offices.  I'll be filming a trailer for my book, The Past Life Perspective,  (yup, they do trailers for books just like they do for movies), and meeting with my marketing folk.  At the same time many key players at S&S are so excited about the book that I'll be doing regression sessions with them.  It's going to be a busy week!

Simon & Schuster is the parent company of Atria Books, which is in turn the parent of Enliven, who is actually publishing my book.  It sounds complicated, but it's really all one big family.  Enliven is a new imprint run by Zhena Muzyka, a dynamic, creative and inspired woman who really believed in my work and recognized the market was ready for a new voice in the arena of past lifetimes.  When I first saw the Enliven logo, shown above, I was delighted to see how complimentary is was to my own logo.  Definitely a synergy working here, and I've been learning so much as I move forward into the "published author" personality!  

I'll try to post some pictures and information on my Facebook page during the trip.  Can't wait to see what past life experiences these publishing folk will discover!

Jess Riffle