Increasing Your Past Life Awareness

Even without doing a formal past-life regression, there are many ways that you can magnify your own awareness of the influence of prior lifetimes in your normal daily life.

Here are some ways you can look for clues:

1.  Look at the people who play significant roles in your life today – The odds are you’ve been together before.  If the relationship is conflictual, it probably means the two of you have agreed to once again work on an unhealthy dynamic from the past.  If the relationship is warm and loving, you probably really enjoy being together and have agreed to do it again!

2.  Meeting new people: look for initial positive or negative reactions.  If you’re immediately comfortable with someone, or immediately put-off, there’s probably a past-life reason why.  

3.  Pay attention to your dreams.  Are there recurring situations, scenes or people in them?  Especially those dreams that seem very vivid, it may very well be past-life material bleeding through.  Perhaps you can flesh out the dream with your imagination or lucid dreaming and see where it takes you.

4.  What areas of the world call to you: are there cities, cultures, foods, foreign languages for which you have an affinity? Both strongly positive and strongly negative reactions can often be linked to a prior life experience.  For instance, if you’re simply not interested in a certain area of the world, it may be that you had a very unhappy lifetime there.

5.  Are there periods of history you find fascinating?  I’ve had clients preoccupied with Czarist Russia, Tudor England of Henry VIII, WWII, the Civil War, etc.

6.  What occupations have you had?  What special skills do you have? What kinds of things come naturally to you? It’s rare for these things to come straight out of the blue. 

7.   Look at your hobbies, and interests.  What about your taste in music or art?  What might this suggest?

8.   Traveling to different parts of the world is also an excellent way to stir up past-life memories.  Do you instinctively know how to get around in a foreign city you’ve never visited before?   Do you feel right at home in another locale?  Do you have that sense of deja-vu?

9.  Never discount the potential of imagination to reveal past-life content.  After all, we really don’t know where imagination comes from anyway.  Just be open to the possibilities.  Similarly, past-life content can come through in times of meditation.

If you include the realities of prior-lifetimes in your world view, it can make living a whole lot more interesting!  

Jess Riffle