Past Life Regression Guided Recording

Past Life Regression Guided Recording


Who were you in prior lifetimes?  A Viking, a farmer, a priestess, a king?  A 40+ minute guided past life session can lead you to new awareness.  

This recording takes you through a past life regression similar to a group regression at a live workshop.  Although you will not gain the same detail you would in an individual, interactive session you will have the opportunity to glimpse the personality and key events of a prior lifetime, through the death experience.  After the death, you will be guided to process lessons from that lifetime, how it might be impacting your current life, and establish a connection with your higher guidance.  

This is a great way to practice accessing basic past life material, as well as practicing deep relaxation. Please be patient with yourself if you do not retrieve any past life material the first time through.  A guided experience like this is more variable for people than an interactive, one-on-one session.  For some, it’s a little like using some new muscles, and it may take a few tries before you experience anything related to a prior lifetime.  For others, information comes through right away.  Please just keep an open mind and stay relaxed with the process rather than trying to force something to come through.


Happy exploring!  

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