Release Your Belief in the Logic of the World

Delving into the spiritual aspects of our human adventure that we can access after the death in a prior lifetime is one of my favorite parts of my work with clients.  On occasion, it becomes the primary healing element of the session, even more than working through the circumstances and unfinished business of the prior lifetime visited.

This was so with a recent client.  This woman went to a prior life in what seemed to be an ancient and vary advanced civilization, perhaps the legendary Lemuria.  (Similar to Atlantis but even older.)  Her personality there was as a man whose key role was to contact ‘the ancestors’ and gain practical and spiritual knowledge from them to help the general populace.  He would do this by going to the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and calling the ancestors to himself, who would appear in the form of beings of light.

At a certain point in the session, my client began to sob with deep grief and longing.  “We have lost so much,” she eventually was able to articulate.  “The knowledge that we are beings of light, we come from them, and everything we have comes from them.”  She continued, “We don’t even know how much we have lost! That’s why our world is in the state it’s in.”

After being told by her spiritual guidance that the ancestors were not gone, just forgotten, she was instructed that it was her task this lifetime to remember and reconnect with her truth as a light being.  And that, once again, she could call upon her innate gifts for healing and connecting to teach others to remember.  But that first, she must do a full remembering for herself.

A key point to this remembering was faith in that which is unseen:

Release your belief in the logic of the world, so you can receive what you need to receive.  Whenever you need, you ask – it’s always there for you, as long as you ask with a deep asking. 

This is a message from which so many of us can benefit.   As long as we put our faith in the logic of the world, it will limit what we can access from the higher realms.  We can touch the divine logic supporting us if we adjust the focal point of our beliefs.

Ann Barham LMFTComment