It's Not Always About a Prior Lifetime

Although the grand majority of the people who consult me do find the issue or question they have in mind can be traced back to a prior lifetime, on occasion we end up in a memory from a current life.  This was the case recently for a client who wanted to look at the source of her current feelings of apathy, miscellaneous aches and pains, and a feeling she described as "dragging myself around like a sick person."

Rather than going to a lifetime in the past where she was chronically ill -- something that could have been reflected in her current symptoms -- this client ended up in memories of her childhood in the current life.  She began to connect with intense fear, anger, and sadness that were chronic conditions of her upbringing by two parents who she described as 'lunitics.'  They continually fought to the point where family dinners or a holiday like Christmas was almost impossible.  The client, an only child, operated in survival mode, realizing that she had to control her feelings and hold it together because no one else would.

A history of depression, explosive anger, and passive aggressive behavior on her own part had eventually evolved into the various aches and pains and depression that she now suffered.  This is an example of post-traumatic stress from living in a chronic state of anxiety and lack of nurturing. The client's body seemed to be holding onto all the unexpressed feelings and negative energy accumulated over the years, and was now exhibiting a breakdown.  I worked with her to acknowledge the extreme challenges of her childhood, and to arrange some ongoing counseling to work through her post-traumatic stress.

This client's situation points out the value in working with a qualified psychotherapist or counselor even when you are doing past life work.  It is important to have someone with the training and skill set to be able to identify and help the client work through whatever comes up or direct them to the appropriate resources.


Ann Barham LMFTComment