Listening to Your Session Recording can Deepen the Experience

I provide every client with an audio recording from their past life session.  A large number of clients tell me that they never actually listen to the recording, feeling that they remember everything so clearly it seems unnecessary. However, there could be additional benefit to be gleaned by listening to the recording more than once, including some months or years after the session.

A recent client reported the following after reviewing her recording shortly after her past life session:

I listened to our session from beginning to end today.  It is remarkable how the deep feelings and insights of the session are so easily renewed by listening.  I was most struck by the clear sense of 'knowing' I felt when the transmitted idea [from her higher guidance] ... fully penetrated my consciousness.  

I would encourage anyone who has a recording of a past life session, either with myself or someone else, to dig out the recording and listen to it again.  I know it will take some time, but particularly with my clients you might want to move forward to the end of the session, after the death in the prior lifetime.

This is when we look for the lessons from the prior life, and how these experiences apply to your current life.  We also invite in higher guidance from the spiritual realm.  This is a very rich area for so many clients, sometimes the more subtle information or advice slips by on the first listening.

Learning from the past life session occurs on more than one level. As the client above observed, that sense of knowing that fully penetrated her consciousness was a key element of this part of the process.  This is when we are learning on an experiential, feeling level rather than just an intellectual level.  It makes the learning so much more powerful, and is often why we see such effortless shifts in clients' behavior or attitudes after their sessions.

So I invite you to take your recordings off the shelf, dust them off, and see what you can re-experience or even discover for the first time!  

Jess RiffleComment