One Past Life Addresses Many Issues

Today's client had a hard time selecting what issue to pursue, and at the last minute changed her mind what the focus should be.  As it turned out, it probably didn't make a difference because the lifetime that came up addressed many of the things she had discussed with me all at once.

Among these were what she described as her feelings that nothing was 'enough' - be it herself, other people, or situations - although consciously she acknowledge there were a number of good things in her life.  She also mentioned low self-esteem and self-confidence, feelings that she couldn't get anywhere either in her career or her life in general, and blocks to her creativity.  But in the end she decided she wanted to look at the destructive relationship dynamics between herself and her former boyfriend.

We uncovered a lifetime in the 1920s in rural France, where as a young girl she felt intensely controlled by a very rigid and domineering father.  "He thinks he owns me," she proclaims, "like I'm his property."  The young woman feels completely trapped in a life she hates.  She sneaks off to the nearby city, meets a boy who is lighthearted and shows her life can be fun, but can't quite make the break and returns home.  Her father is so enraged that he throttles her to death.  

Although she couldn't distinctly identify the father in that prior life as her former boyfriend, the client explained that the dynamics were quite similar (minus the throttling!)  We also were able to draw parallels with the feelings that nothing was enough, which had been carried forward from that prior life where she truly didn't have enough.   Understandably, low self-esteem and lack of confidence could be carried forward from a life with a very domineering, controlling father like she experienced.  

We discussed how she now had the opportunity to master these challenging attitudes and feelings, which the prior personality was robbed of by her early death -- and that, indeed, was no doubt why they had been carried forward. Although the client felt she had given in to fear earlier in this life, she now could look at moving forward more freely to express a full and confident life, free from another's domination. 

Jess Riffle