MRI Stimulates Additional Past Life Recall

I always advise clients that after a regression, they may have additional past life information come in dreams or at unexpected times like chopping vegetables for dinner.  In a sense, we've opened the channel for information to flow in more easily, and we've let the unconscious mind know that we're interested in getting information.  

A recent client contacted me about her unusual experience some weeks after her session.  She was having an MRI done and decided to take herself to that same ideal relaxing scene we used in her regression to deepen her relaxation.  To her surprise, additional images and information from the lifetime she had visited in our work together began to flow.   

After that, she plugged into a lifetime she had seen briefly many years earlier in a different regression experience. During the MRI she received detailed information about that lifetime, and a wonderful sense of what a gracious and full personality she had inhabited.  It was a very gratifying experience for her, and certainly eased the MRI process!

She questioned whether the energies of the MRI itself may have stimulated these past life memories.  Anyone out there ever had a similar experience with an MRI or similar procedure?  We'd love to hear your comments!

Jess Riffle