How A Past Life Session Differs From A Psychic Reading

Although many people imagine past life work is like a 'reading' that you would have if you visit a psychic, past life regression sessions are quite different than a psychic reading.  With a psychic, typically you are told by someone else about aspects of your prior lifetime(s).  You are basically passive in the process, just listening to what they are telling you -- information that they have accessed through some 'gift' that they have.

With past life regression work, we are actually invoking your very own memories of your past lifetimes.  Typically we use hypnosis or another relation technique that makes these memories that usually reside in your unconscious mind more accessible to you.  The therapist serves as the guide in the process, helping you past blocks to remembering, and suggesting directions to explore within the memories.  But all the material comes from you, the client, and you are very active in the process.

Typically with past life regression work, we get much more detailed information about the lifetime(s) than you do from a psychic reading.  In addition, there often are feelings and emotional material that comes up with the memories.  This is very instrumental in helping you to actually work through the events, possible traumas and stuck places from the prior life experience.  

With a therapeutic approach to past life therapy, the intent is to actually help you understand how the past life may be affecting you now, release those beliefs, attitudes, and traumas from the lifetime that are not serving you, and help you to resolve unfinished business from the past that will enable you to move forward more freely in your current life. 

Jess Riffle