How our Past Lives can Reduce Racism

Awareness of our prior lifetimes can have a significant influence on the reduction of racial prejudices.  

A recent client was fascinated by Native American culture and in fact claimed to have disliked being Caucasian since early childhood.  Rather than going to a prior life as a Native American, however, a lifetime was discovered in which the prior personality was part of the white homesteading spread westward across the United States.  He was required to kill many Native Americans in this quest for new land and to make a better home for himself. 

This man, an immigrant from England himself, had been led to believe that there were only a few people who would be displaced by this homesteading.  He was aghast at the need to be in a life-and-death struggle with the indigenous peoples, and eventually withdrew, hiding out on his own and hoping to somehow survive.  When discovered and killed by a Native American group, he only felt sorrow and remorse for what he had done, and that his death was only just.

After the regression, my client revealed that she was profoundly upset by racial attitudes and prejudices and in fact was in an inter-racial marriage herself.  She felt that part of her mission was to raise peoples' consciousness of the wrongfulness of racial prejudices.  She had no doubt that her prior life experience had been the source of this focus in her current life.    

When we touch upon our past life experiences, either as a perpetrator of violence toward other groups, as was this client's case, or as a victim of racial prejudice ourselves, an entirely new understanding and sensitivity toward racism is born.

Jess Riffle