A New Way to Conquer Insomnia

A recent client shared that she had been struggling with difficulty sleeping.  The only way that she was able to fall asleep was to watch the same video every night to numb out her busy and self-critical thoughts, and eventually go to sleep.  Although that was not the focus of her session, we did discussed some things she might try.

Shortly after her session she reported to me that she was trying out a new approach:  transforming every troubling thought that arises into a blessing.  For example, if a thought like "I wish I had apologized for making that stupid mistake today," arises, she consciously turns it into "Bless me for wanting to take responsibility for my mistake, and may no one suffer any ill effect from it." She was finding that this approach allows her to let go of the disturbing thought and drift to sleep without needing the numbing distraction of a well known video.

So many people have difficulty sleeping, plagued by busy thoughts and self-recriminations from the day's events, this could be a great technique to try! 

Jess Riffle