Panic Attacks while Feeling Trapped

Now that the episode of The Doctors has aired, in which I regress celebrity Kelly Dodd of Real Housewives of Orange County, I can share more about her regression experience.

Kelly was a surprise client, selected by The Doctors for a reason neither of us was privy to.  She came in with almost no understanding of what she had been volunteered for. After some brief discussion, we decided to explore the origins of her anxiety and panic attacks that came up when she felt trapped or boxed in.  This ocurred in traffic jams, waiting in lines, and other "I can't get out!" situations.

To our delight and that of the camera crew, Kelly had very vibrant, visual recall when she entered the prior lifetime. She discoved a life as a young, pregnant wife in the rural South in the late 1800s, who suffered a very difficult labor.   She experienced extreme panic and grief when realizing that the baby was "stuck; it can't get out!"  despite all the midwife's efforts. The baby, a daughter, actually dies while still inside her, and she must go through the terrible experience of delivering her dead child.

This was an interesting turn on Kelly's anxiety about being trapped.  Instances of being stuck in her current life were apparently re-activating the panic of the baby being stuck in the prior lifetime.  By processing what had happened and how she did not have the tools to properly deal with the trauma and grief then, I'm expecting Kelly will no longer be troubled by these panic attacks.

Kelly also had some wonderful processing in the interlife space and was able to connect with the joy and gratitude she has now with her one daughter.  She also was given a vision of a higher purpose, using her celebrity status to aid the poor and underpriviledged.  

I really want to commend Kelly for her bravery in sharing her vulnerability with the national TV audience.  When we were backstage before the show segment itself, she shared that she had not had any occurances of the anxiety since our session.  She did a tremendous job going deeply into her unconscious memories despite a camerawoman being right up in our faces the entire session.  It was my pleasure to work with this Real Housewife!

I also want to thank The Doctors for their respectful treatment of the potential of past life therapy.  

Jess Riffle