Science Catching Up with Spiritual Truths?

A recent article in The Sun, a UK news publication, headlines "Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death!"  As if this is news to those of us who understand underlying spiritual truths about our existence.  But maybe scientific 'proof' will help open the minds of those who have been skeptical about their eternal nature until now.

The article states that researchers at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany, have determined that "the physical universe is just a perception and once our bodies die there is infinite life beyond."  

British physicist Sir Roger Penrose found evidence of a 'packet of quantum information' stored within the human cells that leaves the body after the person dies.  "This quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul," he writes.

o see the full article, you can follow THIS LINK.

Jess Riffle