A Client's Experience After Death

I want to share the profound experience that a recent client had after the death in the prior lifetime we explored. He had been a native American of the Blackfoot tribe in the mid-1800s, a life that was always concerned with survival and imminent danger from rival tribes and from whites.  He went from feeling very sure of himself, focused and determined as a young man, to a very unhappy, depressed and defeated man later in life as he saw his inability to help his people in any measurable way.   He died of a 'broken heart,' having just given up, feeling there was no happiness left.  

His experience completely transforms as he stays with his awareness after death.  I'll let the client's words in session speak for themselves:

There is no death.  It's not over.  I'm not alone, not afraid, not unhappy any more. It's as if I'm being welcomed home. It's the most overwhelming feeling I've ever felt -- total giving over and relaxation, total freedom.  All stress, all negativity is just gone...simply gone.  I know this is really the Truth.  It is the most wonderful feeling I could ever describe!

The atmosphere in my office was electric as the client connected on a gut level with the truth of his eternal nature and the profound peace and love of the eternal realms.  Afteward we talked about the difference between knowing these things intellectually, in your mind, versus on an experential, gut level basis.  This is one of the gifts of past life work.

Jess Riffle