What spurs a past life memory at any particular time?

 I had a recent query from a reader, which no doubt others of you who have had a spontaneous past life recall have also wondered:

      I'm curious why now I'm remembering a past life? I recently see this man all the time ... things we did together and I even remember our names.  The only thing I can figure is he died and I couldn't live without him,so I committed suicide and some reason I was sent back to try again. But why  am I just remembering this past life now? 

There are a number of reasons a spontaneous past life memory may occur at a particular time in our lives. One very obvious one would be that we re-encounter the same individual from the prior lifetime, for the first time in our current life. Another might be that we find ourselves in a similar situation, for instance, the loss of a significant loved one causing us to experience the same feelings we did in the prior life. (In this person's case, it would be an opportunity to live through the grief and despair and deal with them in a different, more positive way than suicide.)

      At times, the recall emerges when we reach the same age as we were in the past life when something traumatic occurred.  Or it could be that we have just reached that point in our spiritual development in our current life where we are able to access information that was formerly obscured to us.

        The reasons why a memory emerges just now can be quite diverse, and unique to the individual having the recall.  These are a few of the considerations you might entertain if you find yourself suddenly having a spontaneous past life memory. Typically it indicates that there is some unfinished business that is wanting to emerge, and it might be the ideal time to book a past life session.

Jess Riffle