Namaste Newsline reviews The Past Life Perspective

So many persons of South Asian origin were raised with and fully embrace the belief in reincarnation.  It is often a fundamental part of their tradition and world view.  As you might imagine, I have a number of clients of Indian and similar descent who consult me for past life work.  

Namaste Newsline is a dynamic news agency that brings community connection and news to their South Asian audience as well as anyone who is interested in understanding their immediate environment and the world beyond.  Their print media reaches 50,000 readers in Toronto, Canada, and their online audience is global. 

Namaste Newline recently reviewed my book, The Past Life Perspective, in their Lifestyles section.  To see the review, follow this link:

Namaste News Line

Enjoy exploring the rest of the news coverage as well.  It may give you a slightly different perspective on world events!

Jess Riffle