Past Life Work Preparing for Retirement

A professional woman with high position and influence in the corporate world consulted me about her eventual retirement in a few years.  Understandably, she was concerned about how she would handle it, after being at the head of a large corporation for many years, focused almost entirely on her work.

She surprised us both by going to a lifetime as a lumberman in the 1760s.  He was quite a loner and enjoyed his solitude.  However, circumstances in the form of a orphaned nephew forced him to break his habits and typical patterns.  He found, over time, that having responsibility for this young nephew caused him to engage more with the rest of society, and this actually enriched his life and was a very positive thing.

We saw this former personality as a model for the path that the present-time corporate executive was looking at.  In a sense, "circumstances" in the form of aging and retirement would force her to break her habits of driving herself and focusing on work to the exclusion of other aspects of life.  She could look forward to finding new ways of being that would enrich her life and bring her much pleasure -- even to her surprise!

Jess Riffle