The Value of a Professional Counselor in Past Life Work

Although the grand majority of my clients are successful in retrieving past lifetimes, and this is what really helps them in their current lives, there are occasions when the real work to be done is something else.  I've had a cluster of clients recently where there really was another, more pressing agenda, even though that was under the radar when the client first talked with me.

For example, one client consulted me about a social anxiety problem; she got very anxious when faced with the idea of any social gathering.  She did retrieve a lifetime in the Old West where she was very content living a socially isolated life as a woman alone.  When she explained that she liked feeling so safe, it opened the door to the key aspect of this issue in her current life.

This client's father had been extremely abusive in her current life when she was growing up, both physically but especially emotionally.   He ground her self-concept and self-worth into the dirt, and she never felt safe.  Is it any wonder that she felt anxious facing social situations, fearing that everyone would be judging her and finding her worthless, just as her father did?  It became clear in the session that it was time for her to do quite a bit more work on the impact of current life events, and we began that process in session.

This points out why it is so helpful to do your past life work with a trained counselor, someone who not only knows how to evoke your past life memories, but who also is grounded in counseling principles and practices.  In another example, a client wishing to find a lifetime shared with her recently deceased husband was having so many intrusive images of his very traumatic death, that we switched gears and did trauma release work using EMDR.  I recently heard from her that it was very helpful in relieving the flashbacks, and she is planning to return again to pursue the past lifetime.

Jess Riffle