Past Life Client Testimonial

"You are now calmer, more focused, less distractible, less volatile, whereas prior to your past life session, I would look at you and I saw chaos in your eyes."  This is the feedback a recent client received from her partner two days after her past life session.  

"Very wonderful! Because that is how I am feeling," continues the client.  "Previous to our session, I had begun to question my sanity because I thought my grief ... was way out of proportion and ... that I was cracking up. The understanding and release I am experiencing is amazing!" 

The one past life session the client had was able to move this individual past much depression and grief related to the loss of loved ones that a considerable amount of conventional therapy had not achieved.  Trauma and losses in a past life related to these same loved ones were brought forward and processed so the current life's events were no longer carrying all the unprocessed grief from the past.

It is so rewarding to be able to help people to unlock enduring issues in such a quick and effective manner!

Jess Riffle