Dependency in A Prior Life

A recent client wanted to investigate her feeling of needing to "run for the hills" when she felt someone was going to be dependent upon her, especially when she felt there was an implied obligation that negated her choice in the matter.

In regression she went to a lifetime where she was confined to a wheelchair from an early age, legs paralyzed as the result of polio.  She spent a long and unhappy life feeling trapped in her room and totally dependent upon others to care for her.  Her contact with anyone other than an unfeeling caregiver was quite limited.

"It all makes sense now!" she exclaimed in processing the lifetime.  She was able to see many connections with her current life.  In particular, she realized that her almost obsessive need to travel now was fueled by that sense of being limited and trapped in the past life.  She looked forward to the easing of that travel impulse, so it might be more of a positive choice rather than a reaction to an unspecific anxiety when she didn't have a couple trips lined up.

It also seemed clear that the need to "run for the hills" reflected more than one element.  First, the very fact of being around someone else's dependency was reviving the extreme unhappiness of her own dependency in the earlier lifetime.  Something she simply did not want to be around.  Secondly, the issue of choice in the matter was of extreme importance.  In the prior life, all choice had been taken from her when she was disabled by polio.  In the current life, she did not want to be unwillingly "trapped" again, even if it was trapped into supporting another.  

Becoming consciously aware of these influences would be key in bringing more flexibility and ease to the client's reactions to current life situations.  

Jess Riffle