Do We Always go Past Life?

Occasionally the key source of the issue that a client comes in with doesn't lie in a prior lifetime, it's really more about the events in his or her current life, typically from childhood.  Often these events aren't remembered well.  If they have been particularly painful, the details or the entire event itself may be blocked from conscious memory.  Regression therapy works extremely well in these cases too.  We can walk through the events, feelings, decisions, and beliefs formed from these childhood events the same way we process past life information.

This occurred for a client recently who was in a lot of emotional pain from the feeling that those people he most loved always left him.  When we asked in regression for the source of this pattern, events of loss and abandonment from his childhood came up rather than a past life experience.  Although the client knew about these events, he had never fully explored them in his adulthood.  In regression he recalled many details that he was not consciously aware of.  And he was able to tap into and release much of the fear, pain, and bewilderment that he felt as a child in response to these events.  

He reported later that he felt an amazing sense of release and lightness as if he had dumped a very heavy burden he had been carrying much of his life.  So although we didn't 'go past life,' the client still achieved the desired outcome.  I always trust a client's higher knowing that whatever is most helpful for them in the moment is the direction the session will go, even if occasionally it's not into a prior life experience.

Jess Riffle