Spontaneous Past Life Recall

From time to time I hear from people who have had incidents of spontaneous past life recall.  Suddenly they are immersed in images and feelings that appear to belong to another time and place, and they identify with being someone other than their current self in the drama unfolding.  At times this can be quite frightening to the person having the recall if it is unexpected and they don't understand what is happening.  

Most times such events are activated by something that has happened in the present.  It's not unusual when traveling to have spontaneous recall of events from a lifetime spent in that foreign location.  Or perhaps we encounter someone who played a significant role in a prior life we shared; maybe it's a similar situation or dynamic that spurs the recall.

Whatever stimulates these 'flashbacks' it's really nothing to be afraid of, even if it might be a little disorienting at the time.  It is probably material that is ready to emerge for you to process and learn from, perhaps some energy that has been block and is ready to be released.  If you have encountered spontaneous recall like this, I would encourage you to write down what you remember, what was happening or what you were thinking about at the time.  You can explore what you might learn from this, what message wants to come through -- either on your own, or by pursuing a past life session with a therapist who can help you fully explore the memory.

Have you had any instances of spontaneous  past life recall?  Please share them with us! 

Jess Riffle