Reincarnation, the "Great Equalizer"

When we delve into our prior lifetimes, we face what I like to call the "great equalizer.” No matter what our current situation, beliefs, ethnic origin, or gender, we have undoubtedly been on the other side of that equation at some point along the way. In doing past life work, we actually get a sense of what the other side’s experience is truly like. We find ourselves living in many different parts of the world, being ardent followers of very different religions, holding different political, social, and moral values. We may go from penniless beggar to wealthy aristocrat; from powerful man to abused woman; from Christian to Muslim; from monk to centurion. And in each life experience, our religion, our culture, our beliefs, are what make us who we are and determine many of our actions and decisions.

Across the many centuries of our experience, each of us has probably been on both sides of every fence. “They,” indeed, are truly “us.”  I believe this is one way that great acceptance of the reality of multiple lifetimes can help heal the divisiveness that currently challenges our world.  How would be behave differently as individuals and as a world community if we truly understood this reality?

Jess Riffle