Am I Stuck Forever with my Soul Group?

A recent client was upset to think that she was destined to be trapped in recurring cycles of reincarnation with people that she struggled with in her current life, fearing they were part of her 'soul group.'  She wanted to be done with them!

I had to correct her concept of a soul group - those individuals with whom we choose to reincarnate across multiple lifetimes.  The operative word here is choose.  Although we may not always understand why, on a soul level we chose to encounter certain people time and again, typically for one of two reasons:  1. We have mutually agreed that there is some dynamic or stuck energy between the two of us that we want to work out more successfully than in the past; or 2. There is such a connection of love between us that we want to be together again.

Obviously the second reason is one that didn't trouble my client, she was more worried about the first category of person - those with whom we need to work things out.  

Jess Riffle